PETA Serve People ‘Dog’s Milk’ To Encourage Them To Go Vegan

According to the laws of nature, the only milk any species should ever drink is their own. In fact, humans are the only species on the entire planet to drink the milk of another kind. When you think about it, our addiction to cow's milk is actually quite perverse.

What about the milk of other animals? How come cows and goats have been given the all clear, yet we'd balk at the idea of drinking a refreshing pint of dog's, cat's, or even rat's milk? Well, this is exactly the thinking behind PETA's latest campaign, and the internet is majorly freaking out.


In the viral prank video, the animals rights group fed a "new brand of milk" to a focus group. After they'd tasted the new milk, they were told that it had come from a dog. As you'd expect, their reactions were priceless. Head over to the next page to watch the entire thing for yourself.


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